Going Green

It’s always healthy to have hobbies outside of technology.  My day job is being an Exchange Administrator but during my off time I like to read news and tool around with Linux.  Recently though, I’ve made life changes to reduce my carbon footprint as well as to make my life healthier in many ways.  These changes were initiated by my wife and have spread to myself and my son and even to our immediate family.  Healthy eating and going green is a lifestyle, albeit, one that is not for everyone.  Just the same, I’ve begun to chronicle my attempts at ‘going green’ at a new website called if it’s green.  I’ll be investigating green technology at this blog along with topics like composting, gardening, solar power, generators, and green computing.  If you’d like to check it out, please do…the most recent article is about Corky, a wireless mouse that doesn’t require batteries.

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Author: teknologist

Teknologist is the creation of devnet who started Yet Another Linux Blog.

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